Friday, November 28, 2008

A Fresh Start!

Thanks be to God, this Sunday (the first Sunday of Advent) marks the beginning of a new Church year -- a fresh start. Don't we all need a fresh start every-so-often? Another chance to stop doing what we shouldn't and to start doing what we should? And, God generously gives us one with each new dawn and each new year!

What could be a better way for a Catholic to begin this new year than by making a good Confession, wherein we acknowledge our sins before God with sorrow and receive the graces we need to amend our lives?! Somewhere along the line, many of us have forgotten the value of this sacrament or have neglected it. Most parishes have regular Confession times each week, usually on Saturday afternoon. Maybe tomorrow might be a good chance for us all to rediscover the great gift of forgiveness and grace, too.

At least one bishop has wisely decided to help his flock re-learn about Confession and Fr. Z. has a great discussion about it.

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