Thursday, November 20, 2008

3 Profundities (One)

Here's the first installment of 3 of my brief random thoughts: "3 Profundities" (the idea is shamelessly stolen from Jennifer at Conversion Diary). I hope that you will see that the term "profundity" is tongue-in-cheek! :)

This is why it's called "3 Profundities."

1) As an only child, I was part of a family of 3. I loved to annoy my classmates by pointing-out that my family was just like the Holy Family, which implied a comparison of myself to Christ -- charming, huh?! :) Furthermore, there are 3 Persons in the Trinity (God). I took my fascination with 3s to such an extreme that in high school, I would often take the third parking space from the (conservative) right in the first row of student parking.

2) The term "profundities" is a favorite of mine from college, where I called my primitive little Web page "Profundity Place." It was even less profound than this blog, so its disappearance years ago was no great loss to anyone! Few even noticed when it vanished, including me (until months later).

3) Three briefs are easier to write than seven, especially when the baby is waking from a nap, a toddler is tantruming over nothing for the 13th time this hour, and a bad odor is wafting in from the third diaper-wearer in the living room. I guess we all know where I'm going now... :)

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