Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3-D Image of Our Little Blessing Number Four!

During yesterday's ultrasound, though we had heard of the technology that has saved so many preborn children from abortion, Peter and I were able to actually enjoya 3-D image of one of our children for the first time. The sonographer was gracious enough to print us a color still shot: This is Little Blessing Number Four!

For those unused to viewing ultrasounds, what you're seeing is the baby holding his/her right hand and arm over his/her right eye. (The baby refused to budge from this position for much of the ultrasound, perhaps indicating our first camera-shy child!) Yet, the baby's nose, left eye and partially-open mouth are clearly visible! (The baby's mouth was opening and closing for much of the ultrasound, too.)

We are thrilled to have seen this picture and thank God for the blessing of preborn life evident here! Little One, we can't wait to meet you in March!

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