Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gut check

On my (inevitable) death bed, what will I treasure and enjoy the company of more:

a lucrative and prominent career, or a game/hobby, or my time online -- or a fab body -- or whatever I chose to put first in my daily life

OR the people (God, family, and friends) I loved first and foremost every day?

Not every good interest can be the top priority.


  1. Simply put: Agreed.
    So how do I find a balance! It seems I'm focusing one one or the other to the extreme, meanwhile neglecting the other! Until I realize it, then it's a teeter totter effect. Hmmm. And I don't even have kids yet! Imagine!

  2. That's the trouble, isn't it, Lauren?! What I'm learning (and relearning and relearning...) is that there are two components to address: big-picture decisions and a moment-by-moment choices.

    The big picture comes first, and in my case, involved deciding to marry, and then shortly thereafter, quit my paralegal job to stay home with my kids. Other such decisions involve big purchases (house, car, vacations, etc.). These choices together create the framework of my daily life so that I wake-up and start child-care and housework, rather than driving to work and booting-up the computer at my desk there to begin work.

    Then, within that framework, there are the momentary choices of each day. These have proven to be the bigger challenge for me. After breakfast, do I read another dozen blogs, or do I get off the computer and clean the dishes, run the laundry, and read to the kids? On Saturday, do I sleep-in way too late or do I get-up so that I can fit-in some cleaning and some time in the backyard with the kids? (Too often, I choose what I feel like doing, not what is meaningful, what I'm really staying home to be doing!)

    So, even once we know where we're headed, the difficulty is making the daily choices that will get us there. Some days, I think the grass is greener in the workworld and wish I were back there. Some days, I piddle my time away doing silly things and therefore neglecting important things. And, on those rare beautiful days, I do as much as I can of what matters to me, and I am so very glad for my life just the way it is! :)

  3. So true! Too many these days, even Christians, make 'health' almost into an "idol." And that is not good. I'd rather die with less regrets on my heart, than 'less lbs.' on my frame.


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