Thursday, March 4, 2010

A couple of notes about the blog

  • Since joining Facebook a few months back, I've been doing a lot of posting of newsy links and brief commentary (in addition to personal/family stuff) there instead of here. Rather than direct blog readers to my Facebook page (because I generally reserve Facebook to my personal friends and family), I've decided to begin posting newsy links and commentary here again, and linking to these posts on Facebook for my friends/family. Therefore, posts here will likely become much more frequent than in the past, though more brief, as my responsibilities continue to expand with the birth of Little Blessing No. 5 in late May.
  • Due to some recent spamming of my comboxes, and much against my preference, I've decided to moderate comments. Hopefully this will not delay comment posting too much. As before, I welcome comments that disagree with me, as long as they are respectful.

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