Friday, July 31, 2009

Tweeting Catholic Lessons

I just remembered -- amid chores, childcare, beginning homeschool, and summer traveling (ugh, DH goes back to teaching school in less than two weeks!) -- that I have a blog that I almost never find time to update any more (though I do manage to post my Catholic Company book reviews as promised, at least). I'm cheating a little, as "Tweeting Catholic Lessons" is a series I decided to Tweet and then copy here, but I still do have those dozen or so post ideas that I really want to get to before my kids are out of the house (and I forget what my scrawled notes mean).

Without further ado, here's the list of lessons, which I'll try to update periodically. Of course, you can also follow them on Twitter. It's a pretty neat little communications tool, and there are lots of cool Catholics out there (and some creeps, but we'll pass over that without further comment for now). Keep in mind that Tweets are limited to 140 characters a piece, so one learns new spelling, grammar and concise expression pretty quickly.


Beginning Tweet series "Tweeting Catholic Lessons" cuz I keep Cing the same types of Tweets on my "catholic" search, which I find intrsting

Tweeting Catholic Lessons 1: Many ppl see Catholic Mass/weddings as long & boring, & Masses R lots shorter thn many Prot services. Strange.

Tweeting Catholic Lessons 2: Phrase "is the pope Catholic"/some variation appears at least 2x times daily. MayB its time 4 a new expression!

Tweeting Catholic Lessons 3: Among Twitter antiCatholics, atheists outnumber Protestants at least 4 to 1, & they R much, much nastier.

Tweeting Catholic Lessons 4: Tho I was a uniformed Cath skool girl 4 8 yrs, I never knew how many men hv a totally perverted idea of it! Ew!

UPDATED 7/31/09 5:10 p.m. PST

Tweeting Catholic Lessons 5: The priest s*x abuse scandal may B long over 4 most of us, but it will live 4ever among antiCaths on Twitter!

Tweeting Catholic Lessons 6: Im now drunk w/the knowledge that there is a drink called Benedictine. I want the OSB, not the booze, Twitter!

Tweeting Catholic Lessons 7: If U search 4 Benedictine Oblates, U find lotsa sci nerds Twting re Earth="oblate spheroid." Fun only 1st 200x.

Tweeting Catholic Lessons 8: Theres more "Catholic guilt" on Twitter than in all Cath parishes combined. Folks, its why we have Confession!

Tweeting Catholic Lessons 9: Some1 keeps starting Cath sales Tweets w/"Catholic for sale" & it continues 2 make me 2xtake. Im not 4 sale!

Tweeting Catholic Lessons 10: Either lotsa young black men went 2 Catholic schools/saying so=an insult among them. White lady confused...

Tweeting Catholic Lessons 11: Some Prots take Jesus ev word literally--until "eat my Flesh"/"This is my Body." Then its no 2 Cath "ritual."

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