Sunday, May 10, 2009

A special request to Fresno-area readers

To those of you who live near Fresno, a special request:

I'm writing to see if anyone knows of a quiet home without any pets that might benefit from the company of an affectionate older female cat who loves lap time. We adopted Peanut Butter about a year ago from the SPCA. She's about 13 years old and declawed, so she must be an indoor cat. We need to find another home for her because she is uncomfortable around one of our other two cats and has recently begun to urinate on the carpet in one part of the house. We had the vet check her out and she found the problem to be behavioral, probably due to the stress of the other cats and the noisy household. We think that Peanut Butter would probably do just fine in a quiet home where she is the only pet.

If you know of a good home for Peanut Butter, please e-mail me at

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